Judith Donders

Artist statement:
My work consists of free objects in Ceramic-Stone-Metal and Synthetics materials, or a combination thereof.

I usually work in series at a certain theme. Every theme represents it own story, that the viewer can discover, where the viewer can dream away.  Show normal things that by further observation aren’t as  normal as they look.

In my work I’d like to show what comes across on my way. I try to give shape to what touches me with a content. To give my work a story, and to make the invisible visible. Nothing is just like that, everything has a reason. In the form I look for simplicity, in the processing is all the ballast.

In my work I also want to give space for your own story, to give it your own interpretation.

If you would like to have more information about my work,  please click on ‘contact’ and fill in the form. I’ll try to contact you as soon as possible.