Artist statement:

My work consists of free objects in Ceramic-Stone-Metal and Synthetics materials, or a combination thereof.

I usually work in series at a certain theme. Every theme represents it own story, that the viewer can discover, where the viewer can dream away.  Show normal things that by further observation aren’t as  normal as they look.  My work puts the viewer in a direction, the rest is up to him/her, which direction he/she wants to go. The elements earth, water, fire and air are my basic points of departure.  Intuition guides me, and I let myself go with it.

Subjects are the human being and the architecture of all cultures and its inextricable connection to the past. With my objects I like to sent the observer in a direction, so that memories come up, that lead to his own interpretation. The composition of my objects is basic. The ballast is concentrated in the working process.